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24 aug 2005
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Performance Marketing Commissions to Rise in 2013

New Research from PerformanceIN reveals that publishers are expecting to see an increase in the money they are earning through performance marketing commissions

Bristol, UK - June 27 2013 - Publishers are predicting that commissions will swell by 6% throughout the remainder of 2013, according to figures released in the PerformanceIN European Landscape Report 2013 produced in association with Webgains.

Based on the opinions of hundreds of publishers across Europe, the report follows on from where last year?s European Affiliate Landscape Report left off. The 2013 edition boasts a broader dataset than the previous incarnation.

The research does not just feature statistics on commissions, it also found publishers to be particularly fearful of Google?s relentless clamp down on their activities. In 2012 3% of publishers deemed Google?s updates and slaps to be the biggest threat to their earnings, now 30% believe it is.

Firefox has been making a name for the wrong reasons in performance marketing circles. Publishers were particular vocal of the do not track feature in the report, with 18% concerned it may be the biggest barrier to their earnings.

None of publishers? fears have dissuaded them from pushing on. Almost half (42%) of respondents revealed they are planning on taking their business to new countries, a number that is similar to 2012?s report.

Top target areas for publishers were Spain and Germany, both earmarked by 20.1% of those polled. Belgium?s 16.1% was close behind. China, India, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and the Canary Islands were all mentioned as potential countries being eyed for expansion.

PerformanceIN content director, Chris Johnson, had the following to say about the report:

?The PerformanceIN European Publisher Landscape Report has been developed over the years and is a sound asset to industry personnel and businesses who are looking to understand the publisher landscape in either established or emerging markets.

?It throws up a number of surprising results alongside supporting industry trends with expected concerns following developments in recent google algorithm changes, privacy laws and online leakage as the world of online and offline continue to converge. ?

Robert Glasgow, Webgains Ltd managing director, talked about his company?s involvement:

?As we all know, the performance marketing industry is fast evolving, filled as it is with innovators and entrepreneurs. This fast pace of development however is precisely what makes it so important to regularly engage in detailed study. If the industry is going to continue to defy trends and to prosper, it?s imperative that we continue to learn. The increased reach of this year?s survey is a key step in ensuring that our practices remain at the forefront of industry development.?

The European Publisher Landscape Report is available to download from the PerformanceIN resources page now ( There are also several other useful performance marketing reports and guides available in the section.