Scaleo - Affordable Tracking Software


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25 mei 2016
Hoi Affiliates,

i would like to take the opportunity and introduce you to our Affiliate Tracking Solution "SCALEO"

When we started developing SCALEO, the situation was like it is today.
There are many cool Affiliate Tracking Systems out there, but most of them are quite expensive.

With Scaleo we would like to change that.
Our tracking system includes everything you need to kickstart your affiliate business.

Feel free to check it out for free and let me know what you think.

For any questions, just shoot me a message or mail and i am glad to help.



Eigenlijk was ik van plan om mijn post in nederlands te plaatsen. Maar angezien ons pagina ook in het engels is, is het zeker ook niet verkeerd deze mini advertentie in engels te posten.
Bovenop is mijn nederlands als duitser niet perfect. Schrijfen valt nog wel tegen.....