How make money on your videos as well as videos from youtube


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8 sep 2014
Would like to offer you to use video hosting on your sites .
You can upload movies without any limitation on the scope and time.

Price is fixed, 5 USD for following countries:
USA, Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada, and 3 USD for all other countries!.

Please pay attention!!!!
Payment does not consist of amount of viewed minutes!!!

If You start to work with moevideo, you will get 3-4 times more of revenue. In case if You have problems with moving to service, support will always
help You with that. Also in moevideo have programm webmaster promotion (PWP) add link on your site to
account and earn extra 10% from each uniq view, made from your site
By the way, moevideo pay more than anyone else at the moment,
work with him more profitable than with anyone else.
Also possible pour content remotely from any video sources, including youtube and vkontakte. He offer automatic integration of video player to your site for replacement of Youtube, vkontakte and kinopoisk video players.
So, if your site contains video from Youtube or VK, module moevideo will automatically find it on your pages and replace it with player moevideo. Furthermore, on the first view of video, it will be automatically downloaded to moevideo servers and will be further translated from them. This module allows you to simplify and automatize your transfer to partnership program from moevideo.

Payments in Paypal, webmoney, epayments