PrimeQ Interactive Advertising..Dutch moneymakers wanted!


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1 sep 2006
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Reza Vinkes and working as Partner Marketing Manager for PrimeQ in London and I am seeking partners/affiliates that bring us traffic and help us to bring our affiliate programs forward from Holland/Belgium

What we offer:

Custom lead generation:

PrimeQ owns and operates over a hundred websites, producing thousands of custom leads a day in multiple categories. Using the latest ?know-how?, we generate significant traffic to our online properties and target your ideal customer. Non-Incentives, our leads represent 100% ?Opt-In? prospects who are genuinely interested in talking to you

Affiliate Ad Network:

Our affiliate network offers unique campaigns with high payouts and higher conversions. We monitor the activity of each of campaigns so you do not have to. Presenting you with the right offer and the right creative to earn you the most revenue per click is what we do best. With new campaigns coming on board every day you are sure to have instant access to what?s hot and what works.

Currently we have the following campaigns running on our network with the highest payout in the affiliate industry.

Affiliate Co-registration Network:

With over 150 Co-registration offers to choose from PrimeQ has one of the largest selection of co-registration campaigns in the industry. With instant technical specs, real time reporting and with easy setups, our solutions are designed to help you earn more and work less.

About PrimeQ UK:

Based in London, PrimeQ is the leading lead generation company with proven technology and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Prime Q already run campaigns delivering thousands of quality leads to UK and international clients from financial services companies to travel brochure requests and the fashion markets and we would be delighted to provide leads for your client base.

In addition to supplying leads, PrimeQ can provide a technology platform enabling you to automate your lead delivery to your clients should you require it.

Again thank you for you time and consideration and I am looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Reza Vinkes
Partner Marketing Manager
PrimeQ Interactive Advertising
24 aug 2005
Als je dan begint om t in het Nederlands te vragen en de site ook in NL zichtbaar te maken (doet ie bij niet) dan heb je best kans dat er een aantal mensen interesse hebben.